Intellectual Outputs
1.<br>HL Framework
  • Collect recent developments
  • Identify instruments to assess HL in clients
  • Identify instruments to assess HL competencies in students
  • Evaluate existing strategies and interventions


You can find the documents here.


2.<br>HL Courses

Develop HL courses in:


  • Community-Based Learning Guideline

  • Communication skills

  • Digital Health Literacy

  • Interprofessional collaboration in rehabilitation

  • Lectures

  • Project-based learning


You can find the documents here.

3.<br>Educational Videos

Develop, perform and video record real-life practical training scenarios with clients/patients and apply Participatory and Empowering Video Analysis model.


4.<br>HL Handbook

Collect the knowledge, experience, and results to develop guidance material for health education and health care providers


The health literacy handbook

How to use the handbook


Brochures for clinicians and clients.